InfraRED is getting closer to you

Now we are available on various platforms!

InfraRED has completely rebranded its brand and entered the Ukrainian road construction market. Prior to that, we worked, repaired and built roads in the post-Soviet countries for 15 years.

Now you can follow the news of our company in such social networks as Utube, Facebook, Instagram. On these platforms we write our news, post new vacancies in the company and maintain close communication with the customers.

Your opinion us is very important. After all, we strive to develop both our company and the road infrastructure of Ukraine

New technology in InfraRED – increase efficiency

Setting the goal – overcoming all obstacles

InfraRED strives to grow and develop. We already have our own fleet of various modern road construction equipment, but we do not plan to stop there.

Our goal is to optimize our production. Therefore, InfraRed is currently negotiating for buying its own asphalt mixing setting (KDM206). This setting is a small asphalt plant. Such plants are especially needed by road construction companies to increase their construction efficiency.

By purchasing such a plant, we will be able to build and repair roads faster and better! Soon our company will reach a new level of repair and construction work on the Ukrainian market.

Our goal is European-styled roads throughout Ukraine.

Overhaul on the section Zavydovo – Zagattya – Irshava

Create a new level of comfort on the roads

One of our first projects in the Zakarpattia region was the overhaul of a public road of local importance on the section Zavydovo – Zagattya – Irshava.

We are already at the final stage of the work. So, we are laying the fortified roadsides. The completion of the project is scheduled for the end of this month.

The new road will solve several problems at once. First of all, it will increase drivers and passengers level of comfort and safety on the road. Also, the road will increase the bandwidth of the area.

Day after day, InfraRed creates a European-styled product. After all, our job is to turn your ways into the good roads.

Construction of a road surface in the city of Svalyava

Our job is your quality roads

InfraRED continues to gain the Ukrainian market. We are starting a fresh project. It is the construction of a new road surface in Svalyava.

This city is famous for its tourist importance, so it is the Ukrainian capital of sanatoriums. This region is rich in mineral water, which has many good qualities. Therefore, a comfortable and high-quality road in Svalyava is a strategically important component for the development of health tourism in Ukraine.

Our company is moving according to the defined plan. We have the following stages of construction: milling of the existing 3 cm thick coating, installation of the lower layer of 10 cm thick asphalt concrete surface, installation of the upper layer of 4 cm thick surface and laying of the fortified roadside and clearing of ditches.

It is difficult to overestimate the high importance of this project, because we are not just building a road, but we are taking part in infrastructure development of the large European country.

Construction of a road in the village of Dyula

We are building European-styled roads!

InfraRED continues to implement its projects in the Zakarpattia region. One of them is the construction of a public road in the village Dyula. This project is a 1.8 km long section of road that has not been repaired for decades.

Currently, our team is laying the foundation, as well as strengthening it with cement and a layer of asphalt concrete. The next step will be the construction of a fortified roadside and clearing of ditches in this area.

The new road will increase the bandwidth of the village, as well as provide with comfortable transportation through the village. Our company seeks to develop the road infrastructure of the region and the country on the whole.

We work diligently for the result, because our goal is turning your ways into quality roads.