The key points about us

We carry out all the types of roadworks

InfraRED specialists professionally perform all types of road repair and construction works, installation of related infrastructure, and landscaping. We have been working in Ukraine since 2019. InfraRED owns an auto park of the new CAT and SCANIA road vehicles, manufactured in 2019-2020.

Our servants


Design of modern infrastructure and efficiency meet technical requirements


Road surface

We build strong and proved by the time road surface of all types possible


Asphalt concrete

Construction of asphalt concrete pavement with long service life and crack resistance


Cement concrete

Construction of cement-concrete pavement from flowing mixes ‘RCC’ and dry-packed mixes ‘PCC’



Construction and repair of roads with combined paving of cement concrete and asphalt concrete



We rent new and modern road construction equipment and machinery for construction


Why choose us?

Benefits from cooperation with InfraRED

Solid experience of our specialists

We have created a group of engineers who have extensive experience in road construction, infrastructure, bridge crossings, and airpark complexes. Our specialists have more than 10 years of experience under various, often very difficult conditions. We constantly work on governmental orders in different municipalities.

Excellent equipment

All our equipment is manufactured by leading companies in the road construction field in 2019-20. We use technological and modern machinery, and we guarantee high quality, speed, and efficiency for our customers, as well as excellent working conditions for construction operators.

Beneficial working conditions

The latest equipment and impressive experience of InfraRED employees will help to reduce work time. Increased efficiency allows us to fulfill all our obligations even quicker and more effective.

Exclusive contracts

We have made exclusive deals directly with quarries on purchasing aggregates for construction. This gives us an advantage in enterprise optimization, as well as in quality and amount of time spent on the work.

We conduct all road works types

We build various roads, runways, and sites. Our team conducts major, ongoing, and spot roads works. We are repairing damaged communications and arranging the surrounding area.

High mobility

Construction crews work effectively across the country. Our auto park of special equipment is located in Boryspil, from where it will be delivered to any corner of Ukraine as soon as possible.

Our works

We are proud of the quality of our work

Our company has signed a contract for the construction of 58 km of road in Zakarpattia region, 7 of which we have already handed over. In the future, we plan to carry out road construction work in Kyiv and Mykolaiv regions. We work on governmental orders and cooperate with large, medium, and small businesses on individual orders as well.

Village Dula Dula Village Irshava city Svalyava road 1 city Svalyava road 2 city Svalyava road 3 city Svalyava road 4

Asphalt mixer КМД 2067

Road strengthening InfraRED

We have the asphalt plant of our own

We produce asphalt and related materials for road construction.

Such production optimization makes the process quicker and of greater quality.

We carry out:

  • infrastructure design;
  • construction of the road surface and arrangement of communications (laying cables, pipes, channels);
  • construction of asphalt concrete pavement and repair of bridges;
  • construction of cement-concrete and combined pavements;
  • development of project documentation, making corrections and changes in state projects, if necessary in the process of work;
  • construction and improvement of roads for various purposes.

We provide:

  • excellent conditions for customers and contractors;
  • impeccable quality of work;
  • the shortest terms of the work execution;
  • exact correspondence of the works complexes to the requirements of the project documentation;
  • optimal mobility of construction crews.

We work on governmental orders and cooperate with large, medium, and small businesses on individual orders as well.

Active road construction

Preparation of the road base

Our team consists of engineers with extensive experience

Our mission is to build durable roads throughout Ukraine!

About us